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We would love to help connect you with

one of our puppies, however,

please be aware our litters are

currently booked out until summer of 2021.  

If you are interested in waiting for one of these amazing puppies, scroll down for  2021 openings.

We have dual sired Lola with Albus, and Tobi. We expect puppies approx. Dec. 27. 2020, they will be 18-28 lbs full grown in shades of cream, apricot, and chocolate with markings with wavy to curly fleece coats. We may also get some parts. Reservations are closed for this litter. Waitlist is closed.

Previous puppies

Liberty Belle and Ollie have honeymooned!  We expect a nice rainbow of puppies around Jan. 19, 2021, that will mature to about 25-35 lbs full grown.  We love both these dogs and can't wait to see what they produce together.  

Reservation list closed, waitlist closed.

In November 2020, we will breed our Calico Skye to Ollie.  Pups will be 35-45 lbs full grown in a range of colors.  Mostly solid colors with some possible white markings, and beautiful, wavy fleece coats. We have been patiently (or not so patiently) awaiting this breeding and cannot wait to see what they produce!  

Reservation list is closed, waitlist is closed.

In December 2020, we will breed Pippi and Albus for the last time. Puppies will be 20-30 lbs full grown.  They will be mostly reds and apricots with wonderful white markings, and beautiful, wavy fleece coats. We have bred these two before and fell so in love with their sweet puppies!

Reservation list is closed, waitlist is closed. 

Previous Pippi/Albus puppies

Sweet Haven Zoey and Hugo from our friends at Heritage Manor Labradoodles will be paired Jan. 2020!

We are over the moon excited for this litter.  We expect pups to be 15-25 lbs full grown with gorgeous, wavy fleece coats. They will be a range of colors with wonderful white markings or parti pups.

Pups due in Feb. and going home in April 2020. 

Reservation list is full, waiting list full.



2021 Breedings

Paisley X Rocky: (pups due June, go home August); reservation closed, waitlist open

Skye X Ollie (pups due June, go home August)-reservation closed, waitlist open

Hope X Apollo: (pups due June, go home August); reservation closed, waitlist open

Liberty X Ollie (pups due July, go home Sept.): Reservations open

Zoey X Apollo (pups due Sept. go home Nov.)-Reservations open

Star X Ollie Late 2021:  Reservations open

Thanks for your patience, it will be worth it for one of these amazing pups!

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In order to get on our reservation list, please fill out an application AND  submit your reservation fee.  Breeder reserves the right to change studs as needed and to keep two puppies from any litter for breeding.  If you are on our reservation, and are not able to get a puppy from that litter, we are happy to move your reservation fee or refund your money. Our waitlist is a great option, as life happens and people may need to move to a later litter leaving an opening for you!!   To be added to a waitlist, please fill out an application, no reservation fee required. 

Please text or call Jenessa if you have any questions.  


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