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Upcoming Litters

If you are interested in waiting for one of these amazing puppies please fill out an application and submit a reservation fee and we will contact you to add you to our master list. 

Star and Indy have honeymooned  with pups due Feb. 9, 2023.  Pups will be 25-30 lbs full grown in a rainbow of colors including red, chocolate, black, cream, and parti, some with and without white markings. 


Zoey & Indy will honeymoon early Feb.  pups due early April, go home early June.  Pups will be 20-30 lbs full grown in red, caramel, chocolate, and black with possible partis, roans, phantoms. This is Thor's first litter, so we will back up the breeding with our experienced stud Chewy,

Paisley & Gus will honeymoon approx. in Feb.  This is a repeat breeding of an incredible litter of caramels, chocolates, phantoms, and sable most with white markings.  Pups will be 30-35 lbs full grown. Born in April and ready to go home in June.


Reyna & Max will honeymoon approx. March 2023.  Pups due May, go home in July. Pups will be 20-30 lbs full grown in shades of red, caramel, with possible white markings and parti pups. 


Estimated March Honeymoon, pups due in May, ready to go home in July. Pups will be 20-30 lbs full grown, silky coats, and a rainbow of colors including black, caramel, cream, and chocolate, some white markings. 


Estimated March Honeymoon, pups due in May, ready to go home in July. Pups will be 25-35 lbs full grown, with cream, caramel, chocolate, and phantom puppies. 


Please note: if we do not have enough interest in a particular matching, or girls cycle too close together there is a chance we could skip a breeding or two. 

Summer 2023

Zion/Thor: Breed July 2023; rainbow litter, some markings, 20-25 lbs

All breedings/studs subject to change.

Reserve your
Camden Lane puppy today!!

In order to get on our reservation list, please fill out an application AND  submit your reservation fee.  Breeder reserves the right to change studs, or change the breedings as needed, and to keep two puppies from any litter for breeding.  If you are on our reservation, and are not able to get a puppy from that litter, we are happy to move your reservation fee or refund your money.  

Please text or call Jenessa if you have any questions.  


Camden Lane Labradoodles | Draper, UT | 385-448-0732

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