Jenessa MacPherson & Crew

First a little background on me and my family:
Several years ago, my husband was preparing to go to graduate school across the country while still engaged in his full time job, which meant lots of traveling for him. I said I
was on board if we could get a new dog to keep me company!! Thus began my research into what breed of dog would be a good fit in our family.
With seven kids, we were looking for a friendly dog that interacted well with children. I also have seasonal allergies, that seem to last all year long, so we were hoping to find a breed that was as hypo-allergenic as possible, with little to no shedding. These traits brought us to the world of Multi-generational Australian Labroodles, and we were hooked.
What was once a desire for one dog turned into two, and now to breeding these fabulous animals. It is a family affair, and we feel privileged to be a part of facilitating other families in experiencing the joy and companionship of these wonderful dogs.  We appreciate the continued mentorship and friendship of Cheree Gardner, the original owner of Camden Lane Labradoodles, who has established such a high quality breeding program.  
What makes us different from all the other labradoodle breeders out there?
We strongly endorse Dr. Carmen Battaglia's studies on early neurological stimulation and socialization to give our puppies the best start possible.  Please see the article published by Dr. Carmen Battaglia, report on research by the U.S. Military program called “BioSensor” or “Super Dog"                                                                         .                     .  
We are also a proud graduate of Puppy Prep Curriculum at Baxter & Bella and have worked through the Puppy Culture program.  Both programs center on positive reinforcement and taking advantage of the first critical twelve weeks of a puppy's life to instill good habits, obedience, and proper socialization.  We want you to have the best experience possible bringing your puppy into your family, so we try to give our pups a foundation that makes that transition as smooth as possible.
Our puppies are typically sleeping 8-9 hours a night in their crates by the time they are coming home to you.  They know how to mand, which means using a sit as their way to ask 'please'-whether that is please: interact with me, give me a treat, play fetch, or eat my meal.  We teach a strong recall-we use "puppy puppy come" which you will eventually shorten to "(name)..come".  Our pups have a great start to potty training, going potty 6-8 times per day outside, and knowing the command "go potty." We also strive to safely socialize them to all kinds of people, noises, grooming, and toys--aiming for something new everyday they are with us.  
We encourage our customers to continue using positive reinforcement and obedience training to ensure the best possible companion dog for your family.  This is such a smart breed and we want them AND YOU to have the very best start possible in this wonderful journey with your Australian Labradoodle.  Give me a call today and let us help you begin your journey!

What will your story be?

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