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Occasionally we have a puppy that we would like to potentially breed in the future. Or we receive a puppy from a different breeder that we hope can add a new line to our program. As we want all of our dogs to have the highest quality of life and love, we use guardian homes. There are several requirements for applying to be in our guardian program. These are our most important qualifications.

1. The puppy is free of charge to the guardian family, though they are required to purchase the Baxter & Bella online training program which is approximately $175 with our code for lifetime access.

2. In conjunction with this, the guardian will be responsible for the day to day training of the puppy employing the Baxter & Bella program.

3. Guardians will be financially responsible to buy recommended food for their pup and all typical veterinary health checks and vaccines. Camden Lane will be financially responsible for any reproductive veterinary appointments or clearances.

4. Guardian must live within one hour of Draper, Utah.

5. Guardian must have a fenced yard.

6. Camden Lane will provide free monthly puppy groomings until puppy is seven months old. Afterwards, we will provide grooming every 8 weeks for $60-$75. This gives us a chance to check in with the guardian family and gives the puppy an opportunity to feel comfortable in our home.

7. Must enjoy puppy cuddles and kisses.

If you want more specific details please refer to our guardian contract linked below.

​Ready to get started?

Step 1:

Fill out the guardian application.  Simply click on the button below and it will open a new window.


Step 2:

Have a phone conversation with us to confirm that you qualify for the guardian program.


Step 3:

Once we have received your application and you are approved, you will be added to our guardian list. When we have a potential breeding puppy available, we will reach out to our guardian list first. It's very important to us that the guardian and the puppy are the right fit for each other so we will schedule a time with you to meet them before we make any final decisions.


Step 4:

If it's a good match we will schedule a time for you to pick up your puppy where you will sign our guardian contract (linked above) and receive a Camden Lane goodie bag. 

Step 5:


We also offer extended training for $350/week. We will continue to set the foundation of potty training, leash walking, and basic commands such as: sit, down, wait/stay, crate, place, touch, shake, and recall. Please know the longer a puppy stays in extended training the more established these behaviors become. Let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in this so that we can arrange the proper accommodations for you!​​

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