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What is the adoption fee of an Australian Labradoodle puppy?

​Each puppy is $3500.00 plus shipping, if necessary. We prefer to hand deliver our puppies right to you.  Which means: we will accustom puppy to a soft sided airline crate and you can fly into Salt Lake City airport and take your puppy home in the cabin with you.  Or, in special cases we can fly with your puppy to a US airport near you for a minimum of a $500.00 shipping fee.  

How do I get on a reservation list for a puppy?

​Once you have submitted your “Adoption Application” and non-refundable deposit of $500.00, your name is placed on a master list in the order the application was received.  You will remain on the list until you have chosen a puppy to adopt.  You may choose to defer to the next litter, in which case your name will move to the top of the next list.
Do you have a separate waiting list?

No.  We have enough clients that have paid a reservation fee, so if we have an available puppy we will always approach those that are already on our master list. 

Are all Australian Labradoodles asthma/allergy friendly?

The Australian Labradoodle is allergy friendly by nature.  There are three distinct coat types: wool, fleece and hair.  Fleece and Wool tend to affect a person’s allegories less while hair, as with any breed, can sometimes provoke mild allergic reactions.  All of our dogs have fleece or wool coats.

What size Australian Labradoodles do you breed?

At Camden Lane Labradoodles, we breed the multi-generation Miniature and Small Medium Australian Labradoodles.  Ranging from about 18 lbs. for our smallest female to 45 lbs. for our largest female.  Most of our dogs average 25-35 lbs. at maturity.

Will my puppy have its shots?

Your puppy will have two rounds of vaccinations while in our care.  In addition, each dog is dewormed and micro chipped (for identification) prior to leaving our home.  Prospective families will need to continue vaccinations with their veterinarian when the pups leave our home and join yours.

How do you match the puppies with their family?

When you fill out the application and submit a reservation fee, your name will be placed on the master list.  When a pregnancy is confirmed we will start at the top of our list and ask if you are wanting to be placed on that that litter.  You can keep your place on the list if you need to defer for any reason.  We then keep you posted every week with updates on what the pups are doing developmentally, what we are doing with the pups to prepare them for your home, and pictures. When the puppies are seven weeks old, after temperaments have settle a bit, we do temperament testing.  Then we take the results fo the testing and all the time we have spent loving and training them, and your preferences into account, and recommend the puppies we feel would be the best fit for your family and lifestyle.  You will have a matching appointment, in person or via technology, and the ultimate decision is up to you.   We schedule our puppy matchings based on the order of our master list.  Puppy selection is of course your choice,  but also done by my recommendation for which puppy would be the best fit for your family.  We have spent hours and hours with these puppies and have also done temperament testing on them.  We try to get to know you, your specific situation and your needs as well.  So, when puppy matching takes place, we encourage our clients to rely heavily on our recommendation for your family and situation.  We want to make sure we are sending the right puppy home with the right family, setting you both up for the best chance of success.

When is the final payment due?
When you are officially matched with your puppy at seven weeks old the final payment is due.

When are the pups ready to go home?

Pups are ready to go home between 8-9 weeks, with one round of vaccinations, a microchip, a final vet check and fecal check, and the wonderful foundation we have laid in training.  Once the puppies are born we can give you an exact date, so you have plenty of time to prepare and make arrangements.  

What is microchipping?
A needle is used to place a little chip under the animal’s skin, usually between the shoulder blades. That chip has a unique number on it that can be picked up and read by a scanner.


Where is the microchip inserted?
Microchips are usually inserted below the skin at the back of the neck between the shoulder blades on the dorsal mid-line. The chip can often be felt under the skin. Thin layers of connective tissue form around the implant and hold it in place.
How will it help me get my Labradoodle back if he/she is lost?

When someone finds your Labradoodle and takes him to a shelter or veterinarian’s office, they will scan him for a chip.
Once they get the chip’s number, along with the company that made the chip, they’ll contact that company to find the owner.  It is very important that people remember to register the chip. If your registration isn’t submitted and then kept current, it’s useless. If you move or you change your phone numbers, make sure to update that information.


If my puppy is microchipped, does he/she need a tag, too?
A microchip is only one part of your pet’s identification system. You should also make sure that your puppy has a collar with tags on it.  The person who finds your dog may not even know anything about microchips. The most important piece of information that you need to have on your dog’s tag is your phone number. They don’t have to have your pet’s name or even your address. They just need to know how to contact you if they’ve found your special Australian Labradoodle family member.
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