Our Gents

Shadow Mountain's



We call Ollie our gentle giant.  He has the best temperament, calm and patient with everyone.  He has a beautifully rich Carmel fleece coat.  And eyes, that tell you that this one has a special soul.  He is a show stopper wherever he goes.  We are excited for him to be part of our breeding program and thank Shadow Mountain for raising such a great dog.  

Ollie is 36 lbs. 
OFA prelim hips: Good
OFA elbows: Negative for dysplasia L and R
OFA eyes: clear/normal

Normal Cardiac and Patella

Penn Hip 90%: Rt DI=.43, Lt DI=.41

Clear Genetic Panel from Embark

WALA Registration #: WALA00015229


South Carolina Little Doodles Albus "Albi"

SC Little Doodles Albus registration.jpg

Albus is a very sweet, sensitive, and fun loving pup.  He is very smart and quick to learn new things.  He loves hanging out with his guardian family and playing with the kids.  He enjoys walks and the company of other dogs, especially his dog brother.  He is eager to be anyone's friend and is very loved by his guardian family.  He has a super soft wavy fleece coat and is 23 lbs.

OFA prelim hips: Fair

OFA elbows: Negative for dysplasia L and R

Normal Cardiac and Patella

DNA profile: vWD/DM/PRA-4/PRA/

HNP/NES: clear

EIC and IC: carrier

WALA Registration #: WALA00015226

PennHip: R DI: 0.34, L DI: 0.33

OFA elbows: Negative for dysplasia 

Normal: Cardiac, Patella, Thyroid

CAER: PPM both eyes, clear to breed

DNA profile: vWD/DM/PRA-4/PRA/


Curl: CT (wavy coat)

Parti carrier

Color Code: Bbee

WALA Registration #: WALA00023402

Fairy Tale Lane's Apollo Sun

Apollo's guardian family describes him as: Sometimes a dog comes into your life and your life is forever changed! Apollo is that special dog! He loves everyone! Each morning he makes his rounds throughout the house to find each person and greet them. He is so happy when each family member comes home and is the first to meet them at the door! He has a fun, playful personality but can also be so sweet and calm. He will spend quiet time just relaxing with our children. He watched over our daughter as she was recovering from surgery and paid special attention to her needs. He brings joy, acceptance, love and entertainment to our home! He's very smart and learns quickly! He gets attention and compliments wherever we take him and all of the children in our neighborhood wish he was theirs! He has a beautiful coat with some white touches in just the right places. We can hardly wait to see the gorgeous puppies he will father!

Camden Lane's Chewbacca


PennHip: R DI: 0.48, L DI: 0.43

OFA elbows: Negative for dysplasia 

OFA Prelim: Good

Cardiac, Patella, Thyroid, CAER: Normal

DNA profile: vWD/DM/PRA-4/PRA/


Curl: CC (straight coat)

Parti carrier

Color Code: BbEe

WALA Registration #: WALA00039972

From our Guardian family: Chewy is a loving, loyal dog. He loves people, other dogs, his daily walks, and bully sticks. His favorite time of day is riding in the car while we drop off his human brothers to the bus stop. He is a great companion for his mom and can be found anywhere she is. Chewy has brought so much love in our family. We love him so much. 

Bull Valley's Indy Storm


PennHip: R DI: 0.43, L DI: 0.36

OFA elbows: Negative for dysplasia 

CAER: Rt eye PPM, clear to breed

DNA profile: vWD/DM/PRA-4/PRA/


Parti & Phantom carrier

Color Code: BbEe; Sable

WALA Registration #: WALA00039972

We knew Indy was special right from the start.  One of the best puppies I've ever raised.  Such a calm, sweet demeanor.  He loves our puppies and knows just how much to play with them at the age they are at.  He loves his brother Baloo, belly rubs, and to toss himself a toy.  Love this wonderful boy!