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    Maya/Indy Litter Australian Labradoodle puppy Star/Ollie Litter Australian Labradoodle puppy Australian Labradoodle puppy Maya/Indy Litter Australian Labradoodle puppy 1/15 Connecting Hearts and Homes One Puppy at a Time Read More ​​ At Camden Lane Labradoodles we breed multi-generational Australian Labradoodles. We are proud members of the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA), we adhere to the codes and ethics of breeding these wonderful dogs. To understand more about the Australian Labradoodle breed click here: ​ Our Australian Labradoodle dogs and puppies are part of our everyday life. All of our breeding dogs have wonderful temperaments, and are fully health tested. To give our puppies the best start possible, we incorporate Early Neurological Stimulation techniques, and use Puppy Culture and Empowered Breeder protocols, to take advantage of those critical early weeks in a puppy's life and prepare them for their future homes. We are also an Avidog Associate Breeder, always striving to learn and be the best at what we do. Good Breeder has recognized us as an Excellent Breeder. We are blessed to do what we love and be able to help other families enrich their lives with these wonderful dogs. Feel free to contact us, we would be honored to help you on your own journey with this remarkable breed. Application Welcome to Camden Lane! We're the MacPhersons... Learn More About Us

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    CAMDEN LANE LADIES Red Desert's Stargirl WA LA00037598 Penn Hip: R DI 0.38, L DI 0.33 OFA prelim hips: Excellent OFA elbows: Normal CEAR: R PPM, clear to breed Cardiac, Patella, Thyroid: Normal DNA profile: vWD/DM/PRA-4/PRA/ HNP/NES/EIC/IC: Clear Color code: Bbee Parti Carrier Curl: CC (Straight coat) She is so beautiful and definitely the star of the show!! Her coat is super soft and cuddly. She has a sweet, fun personality and loves to be with her family. She loves going outside to play fetch or going on walks. She also loves other dogs and playing in the water. She makes her family laugh when she tries to steal the ball during their games of soccer in the backyard. Her nickname is the Sock Bandit because she loves to carry socks around the house in her mouth. We love our Star girl! Monarch Labradoodles Touch Of Hazel (Coco) WALA00062446 Penn Hip: R DI 0.52, L DI 0.46 OFA prelim hips: Fair OFA elbows: Normal CEAR: R PPM, clear to breed Cardiac, Patella: Normal DNA profile: vWD/DM/PRA-4/PRA/ HNP/NES/EIC/IC: Clear Color code: bbEE; kyky; atat No parti: SS Curl: CC (Straight coat) Silky smooth, spunky, smart, loving and playful all describe our beautiful little Coco. As soon as she hears "let's go", she is at the door eagerly awaiting the click of her leashed the exit to an adventure. Chasing balls with her big brother Kalo is one of her favorite pastimes. And although his legs are 4 times the length of hers, she often beats him to the ball, or slides underneath and snatches the ground ball before Kalo has a chance. Coco is a quick study. She learns new commands within just a few attempts. She knows the grandkids are where the best TLC is at. She loves to roll over on her back and let their little fingers scratch her tummy. And hops? This girl has got them! Agility could be her super power. We love Coco's cuddles, her spunky play, and petting her coat is the best form of relaxation! Camden Lane's Lady Eleanora Roosevelt "Nora" WALA00061523 Penn Hip: R DI 0.38, L DI 0.35 OFA prelim hips: Good OFA elbows: Normal CEAR: Normal Cardiac, Patella: Normal DNA profile: vWD/DM/PRA-4/PRA//NES/EIC/IC: Clear HNP: Carrier Color code: BbEe; KBKB; atat No parti: SS Curl: CC (Straight coat) Nora is a sweet, caring, and playful girl. Her favorite thing to do is run and jump up in the air to catch her flying squirrel toy. She makes it her own personal competition and it's so fun to watch how proud she gets. So far she has out run all of her dog buddies who have come over to play, and she can't get enough of playing with dogs and people. She is very social and happy. She loves the snow, water and going on car rides. She is eager to please and will do all her tricks for just one treat. Her fur is the softest and you can tell she is proud of how pretty she is. She loves her people and misses them when they leave. She is truly an amazing dog, we love her so much! Camden Lane's All That Jazz "Jazzy" WALA00065359 Penn Hip: R DI 0.41, L DI 0.39 OFA prelim hips: Fair OFA elbows: Normal CEAR: Normal Cardiac, Patella: Normal DNA profile: vWD/DM/PRA-4/PRA//NES/IC/HNP: Clear EIC: carrier Color code: bbee; KBKB; atat No parti: SS Curl: Cu/Cu(c) wavy, curly coat carrier Jazzy is such a happy girl, who LOVES to snuggle. She makes a friend in everyone she meets. She loves to play outside and meet new dog friends. She's a fan of her sister's socks, her mama's makeup sponges, being petted and brushed. She's a beautiful combination of two of our all time favorites Rosie and Ollie, and we are so glad we got to keep one of their's in our program. She has a super soft fleece coat, and is 26 lbs of pure love. Red Desert's Reyna WALA00069411 Pennhip: 0.40 OFA elbows: Normal CEAR: Normal Cardiac & Patella: Normal DNA profile/vWD/DM/PRA-4/PRA//NES/IC/HNP/EIC: Clear Color code: Bbee; KBKB; Parti carrier: SS Curl: CuCu Straight coat Reyna is a sweetheart that wants to share her love with everyone she meets. She's energetic and loves to play tug and fetch. Her favorite thing to play is soccer. Since she was an itty bitty puppy she has loved chasing those giant playground balls around the backyard. Even though she's almost 30 lbs she still thinks she is a lap dog and will eagerly climb in your lap if given the chance. She is a cuddle bug that loves to snuggle up at your feet anytime you sit down or put her head in your lap for some good ear scratches. We love her silky soft coat and cannot wait to see how beautiful her puppies will be. Camden Lane's Sweet Maple Syrup "Maple" WALA00074291 Pennhip: R DI 0.42, L DI 0.39 OFA elbows: Normal CEAR: Normal Cardiac & Patella: Normal DNA profile/DNA profile/vWD/DM/PRA-4/PRA//NES/IC/HNP/EIC: Clear Color code: bbee, KBKB Parti carrier: SS Curl: CUCU straight Maple is as good as it gets! She has the sweetest temperament and loves being with her family. She is a social gal and has a gentle soul. She loves to be outside and likes to hike right in between her mom and dad. When wanting to venture ahead she always checks for our approval and is great with recall. She loves water and her favorite game is fetch. She also loves balls and has found a way to dribble them with her paws! She has so much love to give and everywhere we go, people comment on her beautiful coat! Bunji's Daisy In Bloom WALA00075693 Pennhip: R DI 0.66, L DI 0.60 OFA elbows: Normal CEAR: clear to breed Cardiac & Patella: Normal DNA profile/DNA profile/vWD/DM/PRA-4/PRA//NES/IC/HNP/EIC: Clear Color code: bbee, KBKy ata Parti carrier: Ss Curl: CUCU straight Daisy Doodle Bug has been the most perfect addition to our family, she immediately melted our hearts. Daisy is the best at cuddling, she loves to find someone sitting still, so she can cuddle right up next to them. She loves people. She visits my 4th grade class frequently and will listen to the students read or give some extra loves when someone is feeling down. Daisy loves to give kisses and is quite the tease. She knows how to get your attention. She likes to take something away, she doesn’t destroy it, just likes to get your attention. She especially likes to take our Australian Shepherd’s favorite ball, dangle it in front of him, and run away. We love watching her tease him…she is so smart! Daisy is the center of attention where ever we go, especially with her light eyes and beautiful coat! Berrybrook Lyla "Ozzy" WA LA00078252 OFA Hips prelim: Excellent OFA elbows: Normal CEAR: Normal Cardiac & Patella: DNA profile/DNA profile/vWD/DM/PRA-4/PRA//NES/IC/HNP/EIC: Clear Color code: BbEe, kyky atat Parti carrier: SS Curl: CUCU straight She is truly a lover girl. She loves people and wants to be where we are. She plops down at our feet just wanting to be near us for work hours, for movie night or slumber parties in the bed! She loved other dogs too! She rushes to our fence to greet the neighborhood walkers. Strangers ask all the time for a play date because Ozzy has become their dogs best friend just from the trail. Just the friendliest pup! She has beautiful markings, but really her personality is where she shines the brightest. Camden Lane Tahlia WA LA00078252 OFA Hips prelim: OFA elbows: CEAR: Normal Cardiac & Patella: DNA profile/DNA profile/vWD/DM/PRA-4/PRA//NES/IC/HNP/EIC: Clear Color code: bbEe, KBky ayat Parti carrier: Sap Curl: CT one curl Thalia is the sweetest most loving dog there is. She is always up for a cuddle, snuggle or love. She is equally playful and loves a good game of tug of war and fetch. She is eager to please and loves everyone from babies to grandparents. My favorite thing is when anyone new comes into a room she has to greet them before continuing with anything was she doing. Her chocolate has stayed very dark. She is from our retired mama Mia and Indy and carries the very best of both of them on! Camden Lane Pepper WALA00074298 Pennhip : R DI , L DI OFA elbows: CEAR: Cardiac & Patella: DNA profile/DNA profile/vWD/DM/PRA-4/PRA//NES/IC/HNP/EIC: Clear Color code: bbEe, KBKy atat Parti carrier: Ss Curl: CUCU straight Pepper is a such a fun dog! She plays hard and loves big! She loves to play and play and play. If you throw a ball she will chase it all day and bring it back to you if even it’s across the room or all the way across the yard. If you throw a toy or treat in the air she loves to leap and twist as high as she can to catch it. She loves the outdoors, walks and hikes, and rides in the car are the best part of her day! She is also so gentle. She gets so excited when she sees our grand baby come in the door to visit and lays down to let her crawl all over and pull in her hair and ears. She loves to sleep with my teenage son and snuggle next to anyone. She is very social and would play with any person or animal that comes near. We love the way she turns her head when we are talking to her - as if she is listening and knows exactly what we are saying. She is smart, quick to learn, and will do anything for a treat! Southern Meadows Heart of Dixie "Luna" WALA00087154 Pennhip : R DI 0.49 , L DI 0.47 OFA elbows: Normal She’s our Luna Lovegood. A tender soul with such a gentle nature. She has been an incredible addition to our family. We always get comments on her big, beautiful, brown “human eyes”. Our kids have a hard time waking up early for school and Luna has changed the energy for our mornings for the better. We let her go into their rooms to wake them with her puppy kisses and she instantly put a smile on their faces. She loves to ride in the car and go for walks. There’s nothing better than at the end of the day, she will curl up right next to us and remind us to rest after a full day. Her love has been a true gift. We can’t possibly imagine a better puppy friend in the whole world. Camden Lane Ivy Anne WALA00086687 Ivy is a fantastic combination of happy, fun, intelligent, independent, and people oriented. She has never met another human or creature that she doesn't instantly love and want to be best friends. She's easy to train and the perfect size (not too big, not too small). She loves to play but is also always happy to lay down with you and take a nap. She is pretty quiet and loves to be with her people.

  • About Us | Camden Lane

    ABOUT US Several years ago, my husband was preparing to go to graduate school across the country while still engaged in his full time job, which meant lots of traveling for him. I said I was on board if we could get a new dog to keep me company!! Thus began my research into what breed of dog would be a good fit in our family. With seven kids, we were looking for a friendly dog that interacted well with children. I also have seasonal allergies, that seem to last all year long, so we were hoping to find a breed that was as hypo-allergenic as possible, with little to no shedding. I enjoy the training aspect as well and wanted a dog we could easily train. These traits brought us to the world of Multi-generational Australian Labradoodles, and we were hooked. What was once a desire for one dog turned into two, and now to breeding these fabulous animals. It is a family affair, and we feel privileged to be a part of facilitating other families in experiencing the joy and companionship of these wonderful dogs. What makes us different from all the other labradoodle breeders out there? We strongly endorse Dr. Carmen Battaglia's studies on Early Neurological Stimulation and socialization to give our puppies the best start possible. Please see the article published by Dr. Carmen Battaglia, report on research by the U.S. Military program called “BioSensor” or “Super Dog". We also do Early Scent Introduction with our puppies. I am a proud graduate of Puppy Prep Curriculum at Baxter & Bella, have worked through the Puppy Culture program, and Badass Breeder's training. These programs center on positive reinforcement and taking advantage of the first critical weeks of a puppy's life to instill good habits, obedience, and proper socialization. I belonged to the Avidog Breeder College while it existed, which was a wonderful science based program I use for on going education. I have also received an excellent breeder badge as a member of Good Dog. I belong to the World Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA) which hold us to a high standard of health testing and ethical breeding, and have earned their highest breeder awards. I always want to be learning, implementing, and becoming the best breeder I can be. Our puppies are typically sleeping eight hours a night in their crates by the time they are coming home to you. They know how to mand, which means using a sit as their way to ask 'please'-whether that is please: interact with me, give me a treat, play fetch, or eat my meal. We teach a strong recall-we use "puppy puppy come" which you will eventually shorten to "(name)..come". Our pups have a great start to potty training, going potty 6-8 times per day outside, knowing how and why to use a doggy door, and knowing the command "go potty." I also strive to safely socialize them to all kinds of people, noises, grooming, and toys--aiming for something new everyday they are with us. On top of the love, training, and socialization, our pups are temperament tested at seven weeks old when personalities have stabilized. I want to honor who the puppy is, and what you are looking for and give you both the best possible chance of success. This foundation for our puppies makes their transition from our family to yours as smooth as possible. We encourage our customers to continue using positive reinforcement and obedience training to ensure the best possible companion dog for your family. We are located in Utah, USA, and happy to help arrange getting a puppy to you, wherever you are. Give me a call today and let us help you begin your journey! More on Neurological Stimulation Adoption Information Jenessa MacPherson Head Breeder Has been running Camden Lane since 2017. Aspen MacPherson Has been working with Camden Lane for 1.5 years Brooke Mathews Does all of the training Has been working with Camden Lane pups for years Alison Robison Breeding dog Grooming has been working with Camden Lane for years

  • Camden Lane Gents | Camden Lane

    CAMDEN LANE GENTS Camden Lane's Chewbacca WAL A00039972 PennHip: R DI: 0.48, L DI: 0.43 OFA elbows: Negative for dysplasia OFA Prelim: Good Cardiac, Patella, Thyroid, CAER: Normal DNA profile: vWD/DM/PRA-4/PRA/ HNP/NES/IC/EIC: clear Curl: CC (straight coat) Color Code: BbEe Weight: 34 lbs From our Guardian family: Chewy is a loving, loyal dog. He loves people, other dogs, his daily walks, and bully sticks. His favorite time of day is riding in the car while we drop off his human brothers to the bus stop. He is a great companion for his mom and can be found anywhere she is. Chewy has brought so much love in our family. We love him so much. Bull Valley's Indy Storm WALA00039972 PennHip: R DI: 0.43, L DI: 0.36 OFA elbows: Negative for dysplasia CAER: Rt eye PPM, clear to breed DNA profile: vWD/DM/PRA-4/PRA/ HNP/NES/IC/EIC: clear Parti & Phantom carrier Color Code: bbEe; Sable Weight: 26 lbs We knew Indy was special right from the start. One of the best puppies I've ever raised. Such a calm, sweet demeanor. He loves our puppies and knows just how much to play with them at the age they are at. He loves his brother, belly rubs, and to toss himself a toy. Love this wonderful boy! Wagging Tail Augustus WALA00066726 PennHip: R DI: 0.42, L DI: 0.44 OFA elbows: Negative for dysplasia CAER: Normal DNA profile: vWD/DM/PRA-4/PRA/ HNP/NES/IC/EIC: clear; FF Parti carrier Color Code: bbEe; kyky; atat Weight: 32 lbs Gus is the whole package. Genetics, looks, smarts, temperament-he's got it all. He's been a joy since the day we got him. He's grown up with little puppies all around and is our perfect dog when we need proper socialization for them. We are going to bring a lot of good into this world with this precious boy! Amelia Island's God of Thunder "Thor" WALA00078824 PennHip: R DI: 0.50, L DI: 0.48 OFA Hip prelim: Good OFA elbows: Negative for dysplasia CAER: Normal DNA profile: vWD/DM/PRA-4/PRA/ HNP/NES/IC/EIC: clear; FF; PRCD carrier Color Code: BbEe; KBKB; atat, SS, Rr, CC Weight: 30 lbs Thor is fun and playful and always up for a ride in the car. He loves to be where we are and part of everything we are doing. He has a playful personality and loves to chase or catch anything we throw. He has beautiful dark eyes and the softest coat. He gives really great snuggles and loves to be hugged. Camden Lane Eddy WALA00086680 Eddy is a very smart, fun, and athletic dog. He loves to be around his human family and his dog sister Lucy. He is very social with other dogs, never turning down playtime in the front yard with his neighborhood dog friends. He loves going for daily trail runs and hikes with mom. While he has fun on his off-leash adventures, he knows how to behave perfectly when he is on leash. He has a strong desire to please his humans and follows commands with ease. His stunning blue & green eyes definitely draw people’s attention.” Camden Lane Rocky WALA00086685 PennHip: R DI: 0.39, L DI: 0.44 OFA elbows: Negative for dysplasia OFA Prelim: Cardiac, Patella, Thyroid, CAER: Normal DNA profile: HNP/NES/IC/EIC: Color Code: BeEe; kyky; ayat Weight: Rocky loves to play with anyone at any time, whether it’s another dog, a person or even just a toy by himself. He loves the outdoors. His best days are spent in the mountains! We also call Rocky our yoga dog because he is constantly stretching. A back scratch in his down dog position is a little slice of heaven for him. He loves to be brushed and especially loves his face and head gently stroked. Although he's not a barker, one of our favorite things about him is how much he talks. He always lets us know what he's thinking with the little noises he makes. He is a little sweetheart that brings joy everywhere he goes!

  • Upcoming Breeders | Camden Lane

    UPCOMING BREEDERS Red Desert Oswald WALA00091877 Copper Cloud Imperial Juniper WALA00091702 Fairytale Lane Morning Flower Daisy WALA00091930 Camden Lane Magnolia Mae WALA00091608 Delano Doodles Tess WALA00091531 Camden Lane Ginger WALA00092467 Amelia Island Theodore 'Teddy' WALA

  • Upcoming Litters | Camden Lane

    UPCOMING LITTERS NOTICE: RESERVATION S AR E OPEN!!! If you are interested in waiting for one of these amazing puppies please fill out an application and submit a reservation fee and we will contact you to add you to our master list. If you are on our reservation, and are not able to get a puppy from that litter, w e are happy to move your reservation fee or refund your money. Please text or call if you have any questions. Jenessa: 385-448-0732 Aspen: 385-501-0306 Application Page Pepper/Rocky Pups will be ready to go home the end of December. They will be 30-40 lbs full grown. Chocolate, black, caramel, phantom and parti coats. Due date: Nov. 2, 2023 Maple/Gus Pups will be ready to go home in March. They will be 35-45 lbs full grown . Chocolate, caramel, and cream coats with and without white markings. Daisy/Indy Pups will be ready to go home in March. They will be 25-35 lbs full grown. Shades of caramel and chocolate, possible partis, phantoms, and roans. Please note: If we do not have enough interest in a particular matching, or girls cycle too close together there is a chance we could skip a breeding or two. RESERVE YOUR CAMDEN LANE PUPPY TODAY!

  • Coco/Gus 11/20/22 | Camden Lane

    Coco and Gus had two adorable pups on Nov. 13, 2022. One chocolate phantom boy (Popeye) and one chocolate phantom girl (Olive).They will be 20-30 lbs fully grown ready to go home Jan. 8, 2022. Week Two Week Three Week Four Week Five Week Six Week Seven Week One Go Home

  • Paisley/Gus 9/19/22 | Camden Lane

    Paisley and Gus had seven gorgeous pups on 9/19/22. Four girls: Shea, Angel, Fenway, and Oakland. Three boys: Wrigley, Dodger, and Yankee. Pups will be 30-35 lbs full grown and ready to go home Nov. 14, 2022. Day 3 Week Two Week Three Week Four Week Five Week Six Week Seven Go Home

  • Available Puppies | Camden Lane

    AVAILABLE PUPPIES We are currently looking for guardian homes for two potential breeding puppies. Biggest requirements for guardianship: 1. Must live within an hour of Draper, Utah. 2. Must own home with a fenced yard. 3. Must be committed to training. 4. Must enjoy puppy cuddles and kisses. Also, check out our upcoming litters for what's on the horizon! If you are local to Draper, UT, and are interested in our guardian program, or have any questions, give us a call for more information! Jenessa: 385-448-0732 Aspen: 385-501-0306

  • Camden Lane Labradoodles | Adoption Application

    ADOPTION INFORMATION & APPLICATION ​ Each puppy is $3500.00. This includes age appropriate vaccinations, deworming, microchip, veterinarian check prior to pick up, health certificate, WALA pedigrees of parents, goodie bag, snuggle puppy, sample of food the puppy has been eating, new puppy instructions, and two year genetic health guarantee. The genetic health guarantee is only valid if new owner sees a veterinarian for a check up within 72 hours to confirm no current medical conditions exist, and owner keeps up on all necessary vaccinations during the two year period. We also lay a great foundation for training for our puppies. We teach them sit to say please, puppy puppy come (recall), beginning potty training, and early crate training. Our goal is to have all of our puppies sleeping through the night in their crates before they come home to you. We provide daily handling of our puppies and early socialization to new people, experiences, and other dogs. For more details of how we raise our puppies and what sets us apart as a premier breeder click the button below. ​ ​ ​ ​ A non-refundable $500.00 reservation fee is required to hold a puppy, with the balance of $3000 due when the puppy is matched with their family at seven weeks of age. ​ ​ About Us ​ ​Ready to get started? You're close to adopting the newest member of your family! ​ Step 1: ​ Fill out the adoption application. Simply click on the button below and it will open a new window. ​ ​ ​ Step 2: Send the $500 puppy reservation fee. You may pay with Venmo at @Jenessa-MacPherson, (phone code 3001), Zelle: jenessa@camdenlanel, cashier's check, or cash. Preferred method of payment is through Zelle or cash. Or, i f y ou would like to pay with PayPal click the button below. ​ ​ ​ ​ Step 3: Once we have received your application and the $500 reservation fee, you will be put on our master list in the order that both have been received. O nce a mother is confirmed pregnant we reach out to those at the top of the list. You have the right to pass if the particular litter or timing is not right for you, and you will keep your spot on our li st. If you confirm that you would like to move forward , we will keep you posted weekly every step of the way from birth until they join your family. These weekly email newsletters will include what the puppies are doing developmentally, what we are doing to prepare the puppies for you, and what you can do to prepare for you puppy to come home! We will also include weekly pictures of the puppies. ​ Please note, while we do our b est to deliver what you are hoping for, there is no way for us to guarantee the ratio of males or females in a given litter. While we have a general idea of the colors two parents will produce, we also cannot guarantee color. Our priorities in breeding are temperament and health. Those are things we can control. We test the parents' health in depth, and raise these puppies to be content, trainable, and adaptable. Step 4: ​ Just prior to seven weeks old puppies will be microchipped, and have their first vet visit which includes their first set of vaccines, a fecal check and a general health check. At seven weeks we will do temperament testing with the puppies. W e will then schedule a puppy matching appointment with you in person or via technology. Matching order follows the order of our master list AND our recommendation according to the needs and desires of our potential families. ​ We do our best to get to know your family, situation, and personal needs so that we can match the right puppy with the right family and give you both the best possible chance of success together. If color and gender are more important to you than health and temperament, we may not be the right breeder for you. Having said that we will of course do our best to honor your wishes where color and gender are concerned. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about this. ​ Step 5: After you have been matched with your puppy at seven weeks old, the final payment of $3,000 is due. If you're having the puppy shipped to you, there is an additional shipping fee. You may pay with Venmo at @Jenessa-MacPherson, (phone code 3001), Zelle : , cashier's check, cash, or i f you would like to pay with Paypal click the button below. ​ ​ ​​ ​ ​ ​ Step 6: Puppies will be ready for their fur-ever families at 8-9 weeks old. We will give a window for you for pickup, where you will sign a spay/neuter contract, receive a Cam den Lane goodie bag, and take home your new puppy! After that window, buyer will b e charged $25/day. If you would like to check out a tentative contract, click the button below. ​ ​ We prefer to hand deliver our puppies right to you. Which means, if you require shipping: we will accustom puppy to soft sided airline crate and you can fly into Salt Lake City airport and take your puppy home in the cabin with you. Or, in special cases we can fly with your puppy to a US airport near you for a minimum of a $500.00 shipping fee in partnership with a flight nanny company . Please let us know at your seven week matching appointment if you would like us to help you arrange shipping. ​ ​ Step 7: We also offer extended training for $350/week. We will continue to set the foundation of potty training, leash walking, and basic commands such as: sit, down, wait/stay, crate, place, touch, shake, and roll over. Please know the longer a puppy stays in extended training the more established these behaviors become. Payment for training can be made through the PayPal link below or can be added on through any of our other payment methods when you make your final payment. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Step 8: We would love to see your pup as they continue to grow. Please send us pictures or tag @camdenlanelabradoodles if you post on social media. If you are happy with your experience at Camden Lane Labradoodles we would appreciate if you would write us a Google review by clicking the link below. Application Google Review

  • Nora/Gus 7/9/23 | Camden Lane

    Nora and Gus had one beautiful puppy on July 9, 2023. Their one caramel girl will be 20-30 lbs full grown, and will go home Sept. 3, 2023. She is available, contact us at 385-448-0732. Week Two Week Three Week Four Week Five Week Six Week Seven Go Home

  • Star/Chewy 9/26/23 | Camden Lane

    STAR CONSTELLATIONS Star and Chewy had eight adorable puppies on September 26, 2023. There are five girls and three boys ranging from black, caramel, and caramel red! Some with and some without markings. These pups will be about 30-40 lbs full grown and are ready to go home November 21, 2023.

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