Retired Dogs


Camden Lane Fly Me to the Moon (Luna)

Luna LOVES kids and cuddling! Luna loves to help those around her, especially kids, to feel better.  Luna has been amazing with my son for his sensory needs.  She will lay there patiently while he pets her ribs, wraps her ears around his arm, and becomes intertwined with her like a pretzel.  Once someone pets her, she'll stay by them as long as she can.  She loves to be loved and loves playing other dogs, including all puppies, even ones that do not call her mother.  Luna is 33 lbs.

DNA profile: vWD/DM/PRA-4/PRA/

HNP/NES/EIC: clear  
OFA prelim hips: Good
OFA elbows: Negative for dysplasia L and R
OFA eyes: clear/normal

WALA Registration #: WALA00015241

Penny is one happy dog.  She brings a lot of life and love into our home.  When I come home, she is always waiting at the top of the stairs by the front door with a big smile on her face and her tail wagging.   She loves to go outside and have the wind blow through her coat.  She is our middle child's helper and loves to lay by him and check in on him when he is sad.  We love our little Penny.


Penny is named for our friend Charlee Nelson.  Charlee was six when she passed away in 2014 due to Late Infantile Batten Disease.  She was such a blessing for anyone who ever met her and brought joy to all those around her.  A portion of the proceeds from Penny's puppies will go to Charlee's Angels, a foundation set up to help fight Batten disease in Charlee's name. 

Camden Lane

Charlee's Penny Lane


Swinging Gate Mollie

Mollie is a dream little girl.  She has a flowing lucsious coat.  She is such a funny girl and can get us all laughing VERY quickly.  She loves to give us a show.  She has such a beautiful confirmation.  No matter what is going on, she can ALWAYS put a smile on my face.


Swinging Gate Winnie

Winnie is one sweet and happy dog.  She will sit in your lap as long as you will let her.  She has a go with the flow personality.  She has a very silky wavy fleece coat.  I could sit to pet and cuddle her for hours.