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Bringing Home Puppy


We definitely recommend crate training.   I love that with these crates, you can allow your puppy to see all around or you can cover the crate for a more enclosed place.  They also grow as your puppy does.  You can section off a certain area, just so puppy has room to stand up and circle around, then as puppy grows you can expand the area.  This keeps them from sleeping on one area and going to the bathroom on another part of the crate.  You may want to get some kind of small dog bed to put in with them, though it's not necessary.  Mediums we recommend the 36" size, and minis the 30".  You can also put a blanket over the crate for more privacy or order a crate cover.


Kong Zoom Groom:

This has been my favorite bath tool.  It works great to clean under the coat and skin. We have also found it to be useful in cleaning messes we would rather not scrub with our fingers!  

Slicker Brush and comb:

This is my favorite brush, use it every few days to prevent matting.  I do use the comb below as well,

especially if you have mats.

Chris Christensen is a great brand.


Dematting tool:



For a complete grooming kit, premium ala carte grooming items, and educational grooming videos visit





Favorite Shampoo and Sprizer

I recommend cleaning ears anytime after your pup is in water-bath, swimming, etc.

This can be used as a weekly cleaner, or as treatment for ear infections.

Chewing bones:

I like this brand of bully sticks because they are made in the USA, and don't smell as bad as most bully sticks.  Bully sticks are a great chew / treat for your dog. They are a little more pricey, but they last a while with puppies. They are great for daytime crate time.  Stuffed hooves are also great.  You can get them a lot cheaper at just Walmart too.  But they are nice because once they get all the good stuff out you can just refill them with softened kibble mixed with some other treats, freeze it, and just like that you have a brand new chew toy. Nylabone and Nubz treats are great hard chews as well.

Training treats:

Crumps are my favorite small treats for training.  It allows you to give your puppy a reward every time they have success without filling them up with treats.  Small Honey Nut Cheerios, or cut up pieces (fingernail size) of cheese, hot dog, or chicken work well for training rewards as well.  

We love Pupford treats-they are small and perfect for training sessions. Our favorites are the beef, chicken, rabbit, and salmon training treats. And the Himalayan  chews.

Cleaning Helps:

We love Nature's Miracle to help clean up messes thoroughly. 


We use Sport Dog Food Active Series Cub, which is a high quality dog food.  You are welcome to change foods, but we recommend doing your homework to make sure it is a high quality food. We also recommend you change food slowly over time to allow their tummy to adjust.  If you choose to change, Nature's Logic and Farmina are also great brands.


If you are flying with your pup in the cabin, you will need an airline approved carrier. This is an example, there are many different ones you can choose from.

Flirt poles are great to get some energy out with your puppy.  Cat ones work great for puppies too.

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