Bringing Home Puppy

As you prepare to bring home your puppy, here are a few things we have found to  be helpful and have worked well for us.  



We definitely recommend crate training.  These are my favorite crates and they are very reasonably priced on Amazon.  I love that with these crates, you can allow your puppy to see all around or you can cover the crate for a more enclosed place.  They also grow as your puppy does.  You can section off a certain area, just so puppy has room to stand up and circle around, then as puppy grows you can expand the area.  This keeps them from sleeping on one area and going to the bathroom on another part of the crate.  You’ll want to get some kind of small dog bed to put in with them.  You can get the 30" or 36".  As an option, you can get the plastic crate too, you will just need to buy a couple to enlarge their space as they grow as there are no dividers.














Crate Cover:

Crate covers are not a necessity, sometimes it does help them feel more secure.  I have always used a blanket, but when I saw this cover, I thought it would be nice to have.  


Kong Zoom Groom:

This has been my favorite bath tool.  It works great to clean under the coat and skin. We have also found it to be useful in cleaning messes we would rather not scrub with our fingers!  



Natures Miracle Formula:

Natures Miracle is a must have when bringing home a new puppy.  I would definitely recommend getting the gallon size- it is much more cost effective!  Put into a spray bottle and use wherever your puppy has an accident.






A bitter spray:

I would recommend a bitter spray to help prevent chewing. You can spray this on pieces of furniture, or even the end of the the leash if they are biting on it.


Slicker Brush and comb:

This is my favorite brush, use it every few days to prevent matting.  I do use the comb below as well, especially if you have mats.





Training treats:

Zuke's and Crumps are my favorite small treats for training.  It allows you to give your puppy a reward every time they have success without filling them up with treats.  Small Honey Nut Cheerios, or cut up pieces (fingernail size) of cheese, hot dog, or chicken work well for training rewards as well.  The Nebo treats you can break into small pieces so they go a long way.



Chewing bones:

I like this brand of bully sticks because it is made in the USA.  Bully sticks are a great chew / treat for your dog. They are a little more pricey, but they last a while with puppies.  They are great for daytime crate time.  Stuffed hooves are also great.  You can get them a lot cheaper at just Walmart too.  But they are nice because once they get all the good stuff out you can just refill them with softened kibble mixed with some other treats, freeze it, and just like that you have a brand new chew toy.  Whimzees are the same way, you can fill them with whatever you like, freeze, and serve.



Tear free kids shampoo with conditioner in it works really well and doesn’t irritate their skin. 


I also love Fresh and Clean, they have different ones, I like the one with a little conditioner in it.





Cowboy Magic & BioSilk Therapy Detangler





We will start your puppy on Puppy Now Fresh, is a high quality puppy food.  You can also get it at and set it up for autoship.  If you change dog food do it slowly over the course of several days.  Life’s Abundance is also a good brand.  Keeping your puppy on a good feeding schedule, like 7 am and 6 pm, helps immensely with potty training.  Leave food down for about twenty minutes, then pick it up until the night feeding.  You can treat during the day with your training.  Don’t be alarmed if puppies don’t have a huge appetite the first couple days as they get used to their new surroundings.  We’ve found hand feeding those first couple days helps to bond you with your puppy and insures they get some food in them.  Always have a water bowl available to them.  Put up water dish an hour before bedtime, and feed kibble at least two hours before bedtime.


Of course, it is up to you to decide what you would like to get for your puppy, these are just suggestions that can help you get started preparing to bring your puppy home.  You'll also want to get a collar, leash, dog waste bags, rope toys are good for chewing on, balls are good for fetch, and we also like Nylabones-a good alternative to rawhide.  (As an Amazon Associate I do earn from qualifying purchases.)

As a good rule of thumb, take puppy potty, have play time, take puppy potty, then crate time.  As puppy gets older, you can lengthen out the time between all of these.  If you cannot keep an eye on your puppy, place him or her in their crate, tethered, or in a contained area, it will greatly reduce the amount of accidents you have when you cannot watch for signals of sniffing or circling when they need to go.


We strongly advise all of our puppy parents to do some obedience training with their puppy.  Our favorite program is Baxter and Bella’s which teaches all you need to know about raising a well-mannered, crate and potty trained, happy dog.  And it is all positive based training.  It is a great online program that trains YOU to train your dog.  You receive a 25% discount if you go through our website on or go to and use CAMDENLANE at checkout.


Otherwise, Please give me a call if you have any questions!  I am here for you before you take puppy home, and once they get home I am happy to offer you any suggestions, encouragement and on going support.


Best wishes to you as you begin this wonderful journey with your puppy!


Jenessa MacPherson

Camden Lane Labradoodles