What you get at 8 weeks:

We try to give our puppies the best possible start in life. Our goal is to make your transition with your puppy as smooth as possible. We aim to have our puppies used to sleeping eight hours in their crates at night, know the 'go potty' command and comfortable going potty outside, have a strong recall (we use 'puppy puppy come'), and sit for treats and attention.

Extended Stay Training

With each litter of puppies we do offer two spots for extended stay training.  This training is totally customizable from one to three weeks in duration.  We continue to cement foundation behaviors and manners as well as continued potty training.  

These manners include but are not limited to: 

sit, down, stay, wait, crate, go to bed, go potty, come, leash walking.  If there are certain commands you are hoping for us to introduce, we are happy to individualize your plan.  Cost is $300/week

Be Your Own Trainer

Do you like doing your own training, but need a format to do so?  Check out Baxter and Bella's Online training program. You get lifetime access to a complete dog training program that puts you as the trainer!

George - Good Dog! Autism Companion

My name is Amy Jensen, owner of Baxter & Bella Puppy Training & professional service dog trainer for Good Dog! Autism Companions.  In addition, I am very pleased to be married to the love of my life Scott and mother to our three beautiful children, all of who offer me full support in living my dream working in an industry I love.

Puppy training has been a lifelong passion of mine and dogs are among my most favorite creatures!  I have worked with many breeds over the years and have found Australian Labradoodles to be the perfect dog! Why you ask?  You know the smell when your dog comes in dripping wet from the rain outside, that wet dog smell?  Australian Labradoodles don’t have that! And shedding?  They don’t have that either!  Not to mention they are super easy to train because they are so incredibly smart and they by far make the best cuddle buddies.  Our family loves their medium size, silky soft hair and funny personalities.  They truly become part of us from the moment they arrive in our home. 

After years of training puppies for families, I decided to create an online puppy school, Puppy Prep, to reach more people in hopes of better educating pet owners how to effectively train their own dogs.  I believe if more people had the tools necessary to train their dog well, more puppies would stay in loving homes where they belong.  It is for this reason I put together my training site at and hope to share it with as many people as possible. 

My family and I live in beautiful northern Utah and were fortunate to meet Jenessa MacPherson with Camden Lane Labradoodles. Several  years ago as I trained a Camden Lane chocolate puppy, George, to be an Autism Service Dog.  From that experience my family became completely enamored with the breed and now requests a George the Second in the near future!

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