Doodles At Home

Hi Jenessa, I wanted to let you know Arlo is doing really well! He is already 31 lbs! And a happy guy! We are starting training classes in a few weeks. 


He is such a great dog, cuddly, active and a very sweet, as well as mischievous at times! Hope you and your family are doing well! Here are some pictures from Arlo on his trip to CT and at home in NM!


Just wanted to say "hi" from our wonderful kids.

Maddox & Satchel

The boys waving ‘hello’

Brotherly love

I had to share this photo. They made a little heart. 

Lily is doing great!  She can sit, down, rollover, wait, sit pretty and doesn't eat until she is released. The kids adore her.  She is so darn smart and just brings us joy!  Thank you so much for her!!